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HANDICRAFT: Tumatsch-leather stands for fair paid and traded wares produced in lovely handicraft. Every piece is one of a kind.
CAREFREE: Our key chains are made out of leather scraps. We make something out of it and gift people happiness.
GOOD FEELING: One key chain is produced by one staff member. That staff member receives a bonus on his/her wage!
HAPTICS: Our key chains rest delightfuly on your hand and they adapt perfectly in your pocket in order to not be disturbing!
DESIGN: Not only fair, but fancy too! Our key cains flatter every keys!

Good Feeling² - Buy two, safe 10% off

❤️ Good Feeling² ❤️  Safe 10% and do something good at the same time! ❤️ Every selled key chain subsidizes fair traded wares, traditional handicraft and sustainability❗️
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Real handicraft

We deliberately renounce a machine-made work and support our staff in the village at producing our lovely and fair-traded leather/cork products.

Fair trade

We check the local working conditions on a regular basis and always pursuit a fair treatment and payment of our staff. One product is made by one staff member, that receives a bonus on his/her wage for every produced Tumatsch-Leather product!

Guaranteed on of a kind

No key chain is like the other one. The deliberate usage of leather scraps leads to intended and small color aberrations, as well as discrepancies of the material. These small aberrations and discrepancies grant our products a natural touch and makes them unique. We decided not to follow european guidelines, referring to supermarket bananas, which have to be perfectly curved and saturated. We trust in honest handwork. The outcome is unique and wholehearted!

Environmentally friendly

We renounce leather, which is specificaly gathered for us. We utilize already used resources and transform them to something wonderful.

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